RTT Technology Topics - 2023

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RTT Technology Topics

Every month we produce a technology topic that reflects current RTT research. These are sent to an elective list of engineering, marketing and business team leaders.
There are over 280 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
The archive provides a free resource for researchers in the industry wishing to use past experience to validate technology, engineering, market and business decisions.

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2023 Title Synopsis
December Space Politics Competition and Cooperation in the New Space Economy
November RF and Fiber Economics for Terrestrial and Space Networks The Technology Economics of RF and Fiber for Terrestrial and Space Networks
October RF and Optical Enablers In space and terrestrial networks
September High Altitude Platforms RF and optical options
August Low Altitude Platforms RF and optical connectivity
July Ground Station and Earth Station Hardware and Software
June Deep Space Near Space RF and Optical technologies
May Space Optical Link Budgets RF versus Optical
April Space RF Link Budgets Space RF
March RF Over Fiber Analogue and digital options
February Optical C Band
Optical Networks in Space
January 5G and Space Radio Spectrum 5G radio in space.