RTT Technology Topics - 2010

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RTT Technology Topics

Every month we produce a technology topic that reflects current RTT research. These are sent to an elective list of engineering, marketing and business team leaders.
There are over 130 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
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2010 Title Synopsis
December LTE TDD TDD spectral efficiency – fact or fiction
November L Band LTE ATC The technical and commercial viability of L band LTE networks in the US, Europe and Asia
October Blue L(i)TE? An assessment of the viability of LTE 700 and LTE 800 for the public safety and emergency response and public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) sector in US, European and Asian (Region 3) markets.
September Mobile Broadband Access Economics An analysis of the challenges of meeting a thirty fold increase in data volume over the next five years supported by at best a threefold increase in realizable data value.
August LTE user equipment, network efficiency and value It can be shown that there is a direct though non linear relationship between user equipment RF and baseband efficiency and operator and industry supply chain EBITDA .
July The RF Performance of LTE User Devices Fundamental innovations at material level have the potential to deliver substantial RF efficiency gains in future LTE multiband user devices.
June Multi Band Power Amplifiers Options for implementing efficient broad band amplifiers capable of supporting LTE signal waveforms at frequencies between 698 and 2600 MHz..
May Multi Band Switching The challenges of implementing low loss high isolation linear switch paths in multi band handsets.
April UHF Broadband and Multiband RF Design The pros and cons of integrating ATSC and DVB T in to ‘larger than smart phone’ devices.
March Standard Bearers?
The role of OFDM
The cost of standardisation and the relationship with measurement science.
February Lost in the cloud? The wisdom of the cloud? How information expansion and connectivity growth may be managed in the future, the unexpected benefits of cultural integration.
January From Steam to Silicon - the economics of global connectivity Steam driven airships are just one example of 19th century French innovation - how moving things around will make money in the 21st century.