RTT Technology Topics - 2013

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RTT Technology Topics

Every month we produce a technology topic that reflects current RTT research. These are sent to an elective list of engineering, marketing and business team leaders.
There are over 120 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
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2013 Title Synopsis

Low Cost LTE

The impact of user device performance on delivery cost in emerging markets.
November The Second Age of the Atom Graphene and 2D materials, potential RF applications in smart phones
October Multi Band Multi Mode Multi Carrier Multi Stream LTE How many bands to support in future user devices
September Single Frequency Networks DVB-T2/LTE coordination and coexistence optimisation opportunities
August LTE T2 TV How the DVB-T to DVB-T2 transition increases realisable value from 700MHz spectrum in Europe, Africa and Asia.
July OOB OOB The impact of variations in OOB emission limits on user device and network cost and performance.
June Software Defined Networks Managing multiple services across copper, cable, fibre and wireless networks.

Spice Routes and Silk Routes - economics of long distance fibre

The fiscal commonalities between ancient trading routes and today’s long distance fibre
April Big Data The role of decisional and associative maths in realising value from Big Data.
March Carrier Aggregation Aggravation Carrier aggregation options for LTE and HSPA networks and related technical and commercial challenges for mobile broadband user device RF front ends.
February Switches, capacitors and resonators How material and manufacturing innovation is being applied in LTE smart phones to realise design flexibility and performance gain.
January GSO/MEO/LEO LTE-The Heineken Network How satellite technologies and satellite business models are changing and the related impact on terrestrial LTE rural broadband connectivity.