RTT Technology Topics - 2020

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RTT Technology Topics

Every month we produce a technology topic that reflects current RTT research. These are sent to an elective list of engineering, marketing and business team leaders.
There are over 250 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
The archive provides a free resource for researchers in the industry wishing to use past experience to validate technology, engineering, market and business decisions.

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2020 Title Synopsis
December Noisy Networks Component constraints
November New Radio and New Space RF Economics of the Millimetre Band
October Millimetre Metrology RF Cost Economics of the Millimetre band
September Green Space A New Green Deal?
August Polar Bears Dividends The role of space based connectivity in pandemic recovery
July Space Based Connectivity In a Post Pandemic World
June STEM in a Pandemic The role of STEM in pandemic control.
May The Nearness of Flu Smart Phone Solution
April The Zoom Boom Covid-19 impact
March Satellite Scale The economics of space based connectivity.
February Space for the Connected Car? Satellites for car connectivity.
January Fixed Wireless - Moving Upwards Slowly? The delivery economics of terrestrial and satellite networks.