RTT Technology Topics - 2011

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RTT Technology Topics

Every month we produce a technology topic that reflects current RTT research. These are sent to an elective list of engineering, marketing and business team leaders.
There are over 130 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
The archive provides a free resource for researchers in the industry wishing to use past experience to validate technology, engineering, market and business decisions.

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2011 Title Synopsis
December Making Smart Phones Work (3) A different approach to admission control and power control combined with a different approach to power amplifier design improves the economic efficiency of LTE networks irrespective of the band into which they are deployed.
November Making Smart Phones Work(2) Motorola’s transition from the world’s largest manufacturer of the world’s largest televisions to the world’s largest cellular semiconductor, handset and infrastructure vendor.
October Making Smart Phones Work(1) The first of a series that studies smart phone performance and the impact on mobile broadband network performance and network economics.
September Intelligent networks and the solace of silence On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 ‘Intelligent networks and the solace of silence’ reviews the regulatory implications of public security requirements, reflects on how the primary purpose of telecommunications networks remains unchanged and reminds us to turn off our phones.
August Transforms A short story about the Olympics and the Hadamard, Fourier and Hilbert transform.
July The Pole Tax Repurposed Telegraph poles as a proxy for regulatory and competition policy.
June 3D 3G Nanotechnology 3D structures constructed at molecular level are key enablers for large and or complex products connected to large and or complex networks, making the delivery of 3D images to portable and mobile devices via mobile broadband networks more cost and energy economic than presently expected.
May Is the Past the Future? The development potential of legacy delivery systems including the twisted pair and related implications for mobile broadband access economics.
April Wifi and LTE TDD and LTE FDD coexistence Present and proposed future LTE and WiFi TDD allocations and related FDD/TDD and LTE/WiFi coexistence issues.
March Spectral Litigation Why spectral litigation cost is likely to increase over time.
February Patent Litigation and Cost Patent Litigation and Cost – contrasting FRAND based and royalty free options for resolving intellectual property disputes, comparing and contrasting the IEFT and 3GPP approach, reasons why standards based litigation costs are increasing over time
January LTE Advanced and LT HSPA Big Band Economics The impact of within band and between band channel bonding on rural and urban broadband delivery economics.