RTT Technology Topics - 2012

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RTT Technology Topics

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There are over 120 Topics archived on this site starting from August 1998.
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2012 Title Synopsis
December How Far Does It Go Mate? How Telstra adds value to user devices that go further than other devices and what this means for rural LTE.
November Tri Fi 9 GHz of spectrum combined with new technology and improved authentication and roaming makes Wi Fi a useful part of the mobile broadband service proposition.

Going Global - The American Way?

The implications of the limited band support in the new iPhone for operators in Europe and Asia.

September Acoustic Filters The impact of material and manufacturing innovation on acoustic filter performance and the impact on network economics and data delivery cost.
August The A to D in LTE The ADC and signal processing bandwidth options for LTE and the implications for regulatory and competition policy.
July GNSS2, GPS 3, LTE The benefits of supporting GNSS2 dual band or multi band global navigation satellite system receivers in LTE smart phones and the related technical challenges for user device design and network implementation.
June Neighbour Friendly Networks How specification requirements will have to change in the future to ensure that spectrally and physically proximate devices and physically and spectrally proximate networks can co-exist together.
May Autonomous Devices Autonomous devices – theoretically useful, practically limited, the pros and cons of distributed decision making in LTE networks.
April Machine to Machine and Machine to Network Connectivity Present technology and market options, why previous network solutions have failed to achieve market scale.
March Making Telecoms Work in Rural Areas Disconnects between competition policy and the universal service obligation, what this means for mobile broadband deployment in rural areas.
February The New Carbon Economy The impact of graphene on user equipment efficiency and network efficiency.
January Next 25 - January 25 The work of James Watt and his relevance to contemporary telecommunications power and bandwidth theory.