The RTT Team

Geoff VarrallGeoff Varrall  joined RTT in 1985 as an executive director and shareholder to develop RTT's international business as a provider of technology and business services to the wireless industry.

He co-developed RTT's original series of design and facilitation workshops including 'RF Technology', 'Data Over Radio', 'Introduction to Mobile Radio', and 'Private Mobile Radio Systems' and developed 'The Oxford programme', a five day strategic technology and market programme presented annually between 1991 and 2005.

Geoff has been running in depth technology and market workshops for the industry for over 35 years, spanning five generations of mobile cellular technology.

Geoff has written seven books:
Mobile Radio Servicing Handbook (Heinemann Butterworth, UK, 1989)
Data Over Radio (Quantum Publishing, Mendocino, USA, 1992)
3G Handset and Network Design
 (John Wiley, New York, 2003)
Making Telecoms Work – from technical innovation to commercial success (John Wiley, 2012)  
5G Spectrum and Standards
(Artech House, July 2016)
5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale
(Artech House, July 2018)
5G and Satellite RF and Optical Integration (Artech House, January 2023)

As a past Director of Cambridge Wireless, Geoff is actively involved in a number of wireless heritage initiatives that aim to capture and record past technology and engineering experience, and is a past patron of the Science Museum.

In his spare time he plays Jazz trumpet semi-professionally and is a marathon and ultra-runner.

RTT Strategic Partners

RTT works with the Continuing Education Institute presenting strategic technology and engineering programmes for the satellite industry and with Niche Market Asia presenting bespoke research and strategy workshops for clients in the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand