RTT - provide RF engineering and radio technology support to the cellular radio industry, broadcasting, two way radio and satellite industry.

We provide RF consultancy support to operators and vendors, helping them to make faster and better decisions on radio frequency (RF) technology, engineering and infrastructure investment with a specific focus on 5G and satellite technologies.

5G Research from RTT

To be economically sustainable, 5G will need to go faster and further at lower cost using less power than present and future 4G LTE systems.

In terms of the physical layer, considerable research is being dedicated to massive MIMO systems implemented in TDD spectrum.

However it is hard to see how this approach can deliver significant  benefit over present and future Wi-Fi technologies.

5G will need to be capable of supporting high data rate high mobility users in wide area large radius cells with a dynamic range of the order of 100dB.

This can be done at centimetre and millimetre wavelengths using fractional beam width antennas but could potentially also be achieved in longer wavelength spectrum including existing LTE bands below 3 GHz including sub 1 GHz, an option which could potentially deliver improved EBITDA for the mobile operator community.
Wherever 5G is deployed it will be essential to coordinate 5G technical and commercial planning with existing and future satellite LEO/MEO and GSO business models, satellite spectrum, satellite waveforms, FDD band plans and space assets.

New 5G and Satellite Workshop - Singapore and Australia

We are delighted to be working again with Niche Markets Asia and we will be presenting the second in our new series of 5G and satellite workshops.

The first workshop is in Singapore on 30 and 31 October followed by a workshop in Australia on the 6 and 7 November (in conjunction with Radcomms 2017).
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RTT joins 5GIC as an affiliate SME partner.

We are pleased to announce that RTT has been invited to join the 5G Innovation Centre as an affiliate SME partner.
Based on the University of Surrey Stag Hill Campus, 5GIC is one of the principal centres of excellence for 5G related research and we look forward to working with the 5GIC team on 5G and satellite spectrum and standards issues and related supply chain implications.

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5G spectrum and standards bookLearn about the real life performance trade-offs between the metre band (300 MHz to 3 GHZ), centimetre band (3 GHz to 30 GHz) and millimetre band (30 to 300 GHz) by ordering Geoff’s new book 5G Spectrum and Standards
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RTT Technology Topics

RTT Technology Topics reflect areas of research that we are presently working on.
We aim to introduce new terminology and new ideas to help inform present and future
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This month’s (July 2017) technology topic, Another Negroponte?
Discusses the likelihood and potential scale of a value shift from terrestrial to space based communication.
On the RTT website there are over 200 topics ARCHIVED starting from August 1998. The archive provides a free valuable resource for researchers in the industry wishing to use past case study experience to validate technology, engineering, market and business decisions. 

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