RTT - provide RF engineering and radio technology support to the cellular radio industry, broadcasting, two way radio and satellite industry.

We provide RF consultancy support to operators and vendors, helping them to make faster and better decisions on radio frequency (RF) technology, engineering and infrastructure investment.

These technical inputs are correlated with the market and business statistics from our strategic partner, The Mobile World  to create economic models that analyse the EBITDA impact of technology and engineering investment.

See this month’s technology topic for a present example of this work.

These models are used to

  • Facilitate decisions on RF device and design options.

  • Resolve RF design, cost and performance issues.

  • Help develop and implement RF product, market and business plans.

  • Provide unambiguous advice on RF standards and regulatory policy and international advocacy support.

  • Create and present design and decision programmes for internal RF engineering and product and business management teams.

RTT has over twenty five years of RF experience in cellular and two way radio phone design and specialist knowledge of RF handset and network cost and performance issues across all sectors of the wireless industry including TV broadcast, satellite and short range radio.

5G Research from RTT

There are potentially three key enablers that could realise a 5G physical layer capable of delivering a step function performance improvement over existing 4G systems

  • Super accurate super small clocks – to enable the improved frequency, phase and time referencing needed for high throughput low latency low packet loss connectivity and enhanced interference management (for capacity gain).

  • Supercomputing including quantum computing – to enable cost efficient and energy efficient spatial processing.

  • Superconducting materials including single atomic layer 2D materials such as graphene, silicene and germanane - to enable the ultra-low loss transfer of heat and energy.

Learn more about these topics

All three topics are covered in a new study on 5G Vertical Markets co-authored by Geoff Varrall  and published by Policy Tracker –
This is available to order via this link https://www.policytracker.com/5G_report

The three topics (and many others) are also covered in Geoff’s new book published by Artech House, 5G Spectrum and Standards and available to pre order via this link  

Geoff Varrall is also presenting two ninety minute modules on the Policy Tracker 5 day Training Course
Understanding Modern Spectrum Management
at the LS Telcom Training Centre in Central London April 18-22 – to book a place follow this link:

RTT Technology Topics

RTT Technology Topics reflect areas of research that we are presently working on.
We aim to introduce new terminology and new ideas to help inform present and future
technology, engineering, market and business decisions.

This month’s Technology Topic, A Second Look at Time reviews the timing protocols used in present mobile broadband
and core networks and the specific challenges of meeting new vertical market end to end latency and
packet loss threshold requirements.
On the RTT website there are over 200 topics ARCHIVED starting from August 1998. The archive provides a free valuable resource for researchers in the industry wishing to use past case study experience to validate technology, engineering, market and business decisions. 

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